The new girl at London escorts

I’ve been working for London escorts for about 18 months now and I’ve really gotten into creative at work. From the first day that I joined London escorts I really enjoyed working for the company and my job role. I found working with other escorts I’m going on these wonderful dates every evening really exciting. Now that I am in full flow and really integrated into my job and I’ve made many close friends I feel quite at home and comfortable here.  

Recently a new girl had started at London escorts she seems to be quite quiet and keeps to herself most of the time. Her first week at London escorts was a little bit rocky due to the fact that she didn’t really talk to anybody in the office. A lot of the escorts were weary about her and wondered why she wasn’t as friendly as the rest of us. At the end of the day she made bookings on every single night that she was on shift at London escort and the receptionists say that she is quite popular amongst our clients.  

The group of girls at London escorts goods are very competitive amongst each other just use the fact that the agency is so busy we all get many bookings so therefore there was no need for competition. A couple weeks later the new girl still hadn’t made any attempt to speak with any of the other escorts at the agency. So I decided to reach out to her and invite her out for a night out with myself and some of the other girls. To my surprise she actually accept the invitation and we all arranged to go out on Friday night.  

We all met at the bar for pre-club drinks. New girl was running a bit late but we waited for her. She arrived sat down at a table said hello and a very quiet voice and then kept quiet. The girls from London sports and I found this very strange. So we started to spark a conversation and ask her questions about where she lived how come she is started working from London escort and just general information about her so that we could get to know her a bit better. She gave us very vague answers and very short responses it just seem like she didn’t want to be there with us at all. We all moved on after a couple of drinks to the club and started to have a really good time. I noticed that the new girl was just sitting on her own in a corner with half a glass of rosé. I would another glass of rosé and took it to her and sat down with her and asked if she was okay. At that point she actually really started to open up to me and answer some of the questions with Alex previously at the bar in more detail. She’s a bit of a strange one but I think the whole group setting wasn’t for her and a more intimate one on one made up a little bit more comfortable.